Dear Cancer Survivors, Caregivers, and Advocates,

instagram加速器安卓下载 is for everyone whose life has been touched by cancer– you do not need to be a Roswell Park patient to join us. It is a place where you can safely voice your ideas, thoughts, and concerns; benefit from the experience of others; and most importantly, realize you don’t have to feel alone. This community is for and about you.

We have partnered with Omni Health Media ( to bring you community, networking, and information to support and help you find your way through this challenging disease.

Please consider registering and joining the Roswell Park Community. Registration will enable you to ask questions and share your experiences. You can participate in conversations with our staff and folks who understand the impact that a cancer diagnosis has on individuals, families, friends, and coworkers. Roswell Park physician experts will occasionally serve as guest moderators and host discussions on topics important to our members.

As part of the Roswell Park Community, you will always have the opportunity to take part in the national conversations and events on You will not need to register again. Tap into the knowledge of people who may be going through a similar experience as you, even if they are receiving their treatment by a different doctor, in another part of the country. Roswell Park Community members have complete access to CancerConnect’s wide range of cancer-specific and support groups.

We invite you to join the Roswell Park Community. Together, we can create a community of support and sharing that will make all our lives a little richer.

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